Young People Needs Tools To Create Opportunities For Lifelong Success!

Youth Success Academy is an online program designed to provide 

youth grades 7-12 with three critical success skills . . .




For eternity, economists will give us a gazillion reasons for the state of the union and whether you believe them or not, I know you want the best possible future for your child.

Money Smarts  is what young people need for success and you cannot rely on your child’s school to impart the skills he or she needs.

This is the age when your child really starts asking for things, well more expensive things anyway.  What a great opportunity for them to learn.  You’ve probably been telling them for years that “money does not grow on trees” but now it’s time for them to EXPERIENCE the lesson.

It won’t be long now  before your child is an adult and trust me, you really want to make sure they are ready for the real world.  (Or they may actually come back home!)

This course uses the Practical Money Skills curriculum as a foundation upon which we build layers of interaction, thinking and experiences.





“Know Your Dough”

Ten things your teen needs to learn about money while he or she is still in the safety of your home:

Lesson #1: Earning

Lesson #2: Budgeting

Lesson #3: Spending

Lesson #4: Banking

Lesson #5: Credit

Lesson #6: Borrowing

Lesson #7: Saving & Investing

Lesson #8: Giving

Lesson #9: Decision Making

Lesson #10: Living On Your Own

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Just like you, with the economy the way it is today, I worry about my children’s future. Are the schools preparing them for the business world? Will they be able to find a job? Can they survive if they get laid off? Will they have a retirement account to depend on in their golden years?

A 2005 poll from Junior Achievement (JA) found that 68.6 percent of the teenagers interviewed wanted to become entrepreneurs, even though they knew it would not be an easy path.  In spite of this overwhelming interest; however, youth rarely receive any information about entrepreneurship as a career option.

This course, written by Linette Montae, PhD, was formerly known as “How To Start A Business Even If You’re A Kid”. Interested students will be able to start a business at the conclusion of this course (provided they complete the action steps). And even if they don’t want to be an entrepreneur, the knowledge will make them a highly valued employee.





“From Bookbag To Briefcase”

Here’s Exactly What Your Child Will Learn:

Lesson #1: How to choose a business that’s just right for them

Lesson #2: What it takes to build a strong foundation for business success

Lesson #3: How to manage the money all the way to the bank

Lesson #4: Tools and techniques for marketing their product

Lesson #5: What it takes to find, get and keep customers

Lesson #6: How to put all the pieces together for a strong business plan

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Young people who have a positive outlook about themselves and their future will have a strong foundation for leadership. Yet, many youth don’t know how to lead while others simply don’t recognize their own potential to do so.

The Making of a Leader is designed to help teens discover and develop the rewarding challenges and successes of being a leader, regardless of whether they are building these skills from the ground up or improving skills they already have.

Leading is as much about thinking things through, making good choices and solving problems wisely, as it is about promoting positive attitudes and respect.

This course uses the Everyday Leadership curriculum as a foundation upon which we build layers of action, growth, and reflection. Each student will receive a copy of Everyday Leadership: A Guidebook for Teens to complete their lesson activities.





“The Making of a Leader”

Lesson #1: Introducing Leadership

Lesson #2: What Leadership Means To Me

Lesson #3: The Leaders in My Life

Lesson #4: What I Look for in a Leader

Lesson #5: Leaders and Followers

Lesson #6: Power Play

Lesson #7: Communicate with Style

Lesson #8: Here, There, Everywhere: Active Listening

Lesson #9: My Values

Lesson #10: Doing the Right Thing

Lesson #11: He Says, She Says

Lesson #12: Choosing Tolerance

Lesson #13: Strength in Numbers

Lesson #14: Turning Conflict into Cooperation

Lesson #15: All in Favor, Say “Aye”

Lesson #16: All for One, One for All

Lesson #17: Taking Chances

Lesson #18: Thinking Creatively

Lesson #19: Having My Voice Heard

Lesson #20: Motivating the Team

Lesson #21: Showing Appreciation, Celebrating Success

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